Sleepy Hollow Christmas Lights, Torrance

Sleepy Hollow is one of those neighborhoods where people only buy a house if they whole-heartedly embrace the idea of turning their home into a local tourist attraction for a month out of the year. The homes outdo themselves year after year – for 40 years and counting – and the traffic that pours through to admire on a nightly basis from Thanksgiving until Christmas precludes the possibility of having a pizza delivered anytime before Martin Luther King Day.


Robert Road
Torrance, CA 90505

The best plan is to park on either Pacific Coast Highway or Prospect and walk in Robert Road, which is just north of Calle Mayor off PCH. The formidable glow should guide you the rest of the way!

“This has become a tradition. I have been coming here for years. This is one of those places that really gets you in the Christmas spirit. I like how the neighborhood really gets into it. Some houses even sell hot cocoa and coffee to get you in the spirit.
I will usually turn on Xmas songs, and definitely that song from Nightmare Before Xmas: “What’s this?”   It just seems to fit :D
Yes, there will be traffic, but what do you expect with such a cool place?  Instead of negatively focusing on the traffic one could do one of two things:
1. turn on your MP3 collection of Xmas songs or tune your radio to KOST fm or KEARTH fm to really get in the spirit as you are slowly driving.
2. Get some coffee/cocoa from outside or from one of the houses and park and get out of your car, and really enjoy it.
I used to come here and always turn my headlights off to be courteous to other drivers. As of late though, cops are ensuring that you have your lights on. They aren’t ticketing people, but they will remind you to turn your lights on.
One highlight of coming here is seeing Zero and Santa Jack Skellington.  I don’t know the exact cross streets, but whenever I come here I always make it a point to go to that house.

Here is a video of it, which of course can never do justice to the actual place :)…

Also if you are going to come here you should definitely check this house out. It isn’t too far and they always go all out with their christmas decorations. What makes it cool is that their lights are synced up to their own radio station which you can tune your radio too. It is really cool.” – G.M Hell

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